Subiaco’s Funtastico

Were were happy to find Funtastico open on a Monday after NYE – an evening when most Perth restaurateurs were giving their customers a break, Funtastico was too short staffed to deal with the influx of second choice refugees in the Subiaco area. Service was flustered; drink orders came after three reminders and kitchen was visibly disorganised. In fact, the kitchen staff found themselves flatfooted while waitstaff were fielding a chorus of “Is my main course still coming?” from several tables. Shared antipasto platter was well thought out and varied. Main course of chicken fagottini had an unacceptably gluggy texture and some pieces were difficult to ply from the plate. As it turned out, it wasn’t worth the physical effort for each bland morsel. Spaghetti Marinara al Cartoccio was uncharacteristically salty – if that is how it is meant to be then this restaurant owes me a few tablespoons of salt that were missed last time I orderd this dish. Pasta in a bag is always going to be a novelty but I would prefer it to be better than pasta in a can by a somewhat wider margin. Overall, the shared entree platter and one of four mains was worth eating. Didn’t bother with dessert.


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