Food in your country is probably crap if… there are hippies working at your local food market

Are stalls at your nearest food market staffed by normal locals who have produced food all their lives professionally?

Or are they staffed by unwashed hippies? Middle aged women pursuing a hobby career (while their real household income comes from their husband)? Are the stalls staffed by people who are “rediscovering” something or “getting back” to something?

Do the sellers want to engage you in conversation that has something to do with stuff other than the food?  Is the food only a part of some greater philosophy or politics that drives them?

Even worse, are the stalls interspersed with stall selling crap folk art, crystals, or other rubbish?

Sadly, at many farmers markets in Australia and the UK, the closest thing to good food you can get is from the ice cream van.

a market that sells tofu organic tacos is never going to provide you with good food...

In countries with good food, you will never see the crap photographed above.  In France and Italy they concentrate on selling excellent, seasonal food.  That is why they are happier and healthier.  It is also why they are sad about the food we have to eat in our country.

Food in good food countries is about excellence, not about some weird philosophy.


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