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Restaurant Review – Satsuki (Subiaco, Western Australia)


Satsuki is the latest offering from the group that brought us Yahachi and Ha-lu.  They also had an interest in a restaurant in Tokyo.

Satsuki is located in Subiaco just near the train station.  The layout is interesting  – there is a very Japanese counter that is great to sit at but lacks the see through fish display that could get the taste buds moving early.  This, and the heavy ratio of outdoor to indoor seating is a mistake.  Counter dining in real restaurants is sorely lacking in Perth.  It gives a date a different feeling and it allows solo diners a comfort that an unreadable newspaper does not.   Adding a glass presentation case would bring that extra bit of authenticity and interest.

The real feature of this restaurant is the sushi chef, Yamahara-san. For a Japanese restaurant to feature such a well qualified Tokyo trained, Edo style sushi chef is a coup – especially since he seems committed to stay.  His technique and presentation is up there with the best in Ginza.  It is a shame that Satsuki, then, has such a limited selection of sushi to order from.  It is my hope that by consistent customer demand that they expand the list of fish they use and allow him to serve a wider complement of sushi.  I have had the privilege of sitting at his counter before and I can vouch that your appetite will run out well before his imagination does.

The rest of the menu is presented in a nice izakaya style – salads, nimono (simmered things), agemono (fried things) and so on. This allows you to order and eat a Japanese meal the way it is intended to be eaten. A variety of dishes is ordered, several times throughout the evening, carefully balancing and complementing textures and flavours.   Thankfully, they have included ochazuke to finish off with.

Complaints?  Menu could be a little wider, shouchu and sake prices are astronomical (thanks to the supplier) and there are no kushiyaki on the menu. 

Other than that, it is great to see real Japanese food, prepared well and washed down with a decent beer.  Lets hope they can maintain a bit of authenticity and hold out against the teriyaki munching, california roll loving unwashed masses!


Subiaco’s Funtastico


Were were happy to find Funtastico open on a Monday after NYE – an evening when most Perth restaurateurs were giving their customers a break, Funtastico was too short staffed to deal with the influx of second choice refugees in the Subiaco area. Service was flustered; drink orders came after three reminders and kitchen was visibly disorganised. In fact, the kitchen staff found themselves flatfooted while waitstaff were fielding a chorus of “Is my main course still coming?” from several tables. Shared antipasto platter was well thought out and varied. Main course of chicken fagottini had an unacceptably gluggy texture and some pieces were difficult to ply from the plate. As it turned out, it wasn’t worth the physical effort for each bland morsel. Spaghetti Marinara al Cartoccio was uncharacteristically salty – if that is how it is meant to be then this restaurant owes me a few tablespoons of salt that were missed last time I orderd this dish. Pasta in a bag is always going to be a novelty but I would prefer it to be better than pasta in a can by a somewhat wider margin. Overall, the shared entree platter and one of four mains was worth eating. Didn’t bother with dessert.

the beginning


Well, the point of this is to rant about a few things.  Food Mostly.

Some topics I want to cover are about Japanese food in general, sushi, restaurants where I live, where to go for great food and some food trends.  I also will try to put up some pics of great food…  And also some pics of me making pasta, making my own sausages and struggling with my shichirin.



Mostly I intend to read it and agree with it myself!